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Freight Transportation

Williams Brothers Trucking, Inc., one of the industry's safety and security leaders, stands poised and ready to transport and deliver your flatbed, step deck, logging, timber, intermodal, container, open top chip and van freight shipments.

WBT flatbeds are flexible with load floors that can haul almost anything that can be stacked and strapped down. Our step deck type of flatbed with the load floor is as close to the ground as possible, are commonly used to haul heavy equipment and pallets.

WBT logging and timber trailers are a variation of a flatbed trailer, with a number of thick posts rising vertically from either side to keep the cargo from rolling off. Our state-of-the-art trailers insure safe extraction, transport and delivery of your timber resources.

WBT intermodal container transportation is frequently used to connect the linehaul ocean and rail segments of many global intermodal freight shipments. We typically handle 53', 45', 40 and 20' containers.

WBT open top chip shipments provide up to the minute transportation of bulk, dry shipments. All open top chip trailers are tarped and covered to insure prompt delivery.

WBT live bottom trailers offer the loading and delivery options to meet any situation or requirement. Load flexibility and our years of experience with live bottom shipments insure safe, prompt delivery.

WBT van freight is transported in dry and secure 53’ and 45’ enclosed trailers to insure your products arrive safe, secure and without delay. 

Flexible dispatching from one of our many terminals allows for expedited or time-definite shipments, as you require. More and more customers are relying on Williams Brothers Trucking, Inc. for reliable shipment and delivery of their products. With one call, shippers have access to our leading edge technology that makes transporting your freight fast, efficient, economical and simple. Our specialized services, experienced team and dedication to your needs will insure that your shipments are delivered securely and on schedule.

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